The Colorado CPCU Society Chapter welcomes all members to actively get involved in making this Chapter what YOU want it to be.  Each Chairperson(s) may form a Committee to assist in any and all responsibilities. If any of these committees or positions interest you please fill out the "Volunteer Form" under the "Get Involved" section and a Chapter leader will contact you. View the current Chapter Leadership page to see who is currently acting as chairpersons for the following committees.

Candidate Development

The Candidate Development Chair develops and maintains programs to increase the number of new entrants into the CPCU program and increase the likelihood of successful completion for all candidates.  

New Designee

The New Designee Chair develops and maintains programs to welcome/recognize new designees and assure they become active members of the chapter.  They are ultimately responsible for converting new designees into paid active members in the chapter.  

Career Support

The Career Support Chair is responsible for developing and maintaining the career mentorship program.  

Good Works/Social

The Good Works/Social Chair is responsible for creating volunteer and networking opportunities for chapter members.  Community good works projects help promote a sense of good will among the membership; Social activities help promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the chapter. 

Social Media

The Social Media Chair promotes recognition of the CPCU Society, its members, the designation, and the local chapter. Maintaining and fostering participation in social media forums is key.  

Member Recognition

The Member Recognition Chair provides members with an outlet to follow member accomplishments.  Recognizing members' achievements and life events is important. 


The Webmaster is responsible for coordinating and keeping the chapter’s website current, as well as promoting the CPCU chapter to its members and the public.  

Senior Resource Liaison

The Senior Resource Liaison brings the needs and desires of retirees (and pre-retirees) to the chapter leaders and encourages retiree involvement within the chapter.  Leaving the full time workplace can be quite an adjustment for senior members.  Keeping this network intact is important. 


The Chapter Historian is responsible for reviewing historical documents and making them available to members. 

Interest Group Representative

Wyoming Liasion

All Industry Day (I-Day)

The All Industry or I-Day Chair(s) are responsible for planning and executing I-Day.